Doomi Golo, by Bubakar Bóris Jóob (free audiobook)

Doomi Golo is a masterful work that conveys the story of Nguirane Faye and his attempts to communicate with his grandson before he dies. With a narrative structure that beautifully imitates the movements of a musical piece, Diop relates Faye’s trauma of losing his son, Assane Tall, which is compounded by his grandson Badou’s migration to an unknown destination. While Faye feels certain that his grandson will return one day, he also is convinced that he will no longer be alive by then. Faye spends his days sitting under a mango tree in the courtyard of his home, reminiscing and observing his surroundings. He speaks to Badou through his seven notebooks, six of which are revealed to the reader, while the seventh, the “Book of Secrets,” is highly confidential and reserved for Badou’s eyes only. In the absence of letters from Badou, the notebooks form the only possible means of communication between the two, carrying within them tunes and repetitions that give this novel its unusual shape: loose and meandering on the one hand, coherent and tightly interwoven on the other.

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I am charmed, surprised, touched, worried, rebelled; but also amused and aware, over words, sentences, over a text both familiar and unusual.
— Lilyan Kesteloot, professor of African Francophone literature (Université Cheikh Anta Diop and Université Sorbonne) (download article)

The beauty of the world is not only said in French, nor love or hate is declared or lived in that language.
— Papa Samba Diop, professor of African Francophone Literature Université Paris 12 (download article)

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